Which co-op is perfect for me?

How to help each co-op embody its fullest potential?

Women having dinner
A community to catalyze your co-op experience.
What is each co-op like?
Incredible people living together.
What does each co-op, and each person in it, need support with?
How best to start new co-ops?
What's the perfect place for you?
Co-op central. It's all here.
Co-op meeting
The tools you need for all those thorny issues.
People not pulling their weight?
Interpersonal conflicts?
Issues with neighbors? Or with city codes?
With co-ops, it really takes a village.
Welcome to your village.
Do you feel comfortable in the home you live in?
Are your roommates people you love to hang out with? To party with?
The co-op experience should be with people who are really there for each other.
Let's make sure you're in the perfect place with the perfect people!
Should you consider living in a co-op?
What about having community experiences?
How important is cleanliness to you? Peace and quiet?
Would a shared cooking schedule work for you?
Do you have time for regular meetings focused on the greater whole?
Are you really excited about it all?
If so, let's get you in!
Co-op's kitchen
Many organizations out there are perfectly poised to partner with your co-op.
Are you taking advantage of all the opportunities?
Here's a platform focused on getting you benefits – from free food to affordable rent.

What we
work towards

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Empowering co-ops everywhere

Co-ops are an alchemy of amazing people living amazing experiences in community, 24/7. Every co-operative has its own particular spirit, and they have much to teach humanity in general; but the co-op movement as a whole remains fragmented, and many people find it difficult to find a co-op that is a good fit – or that has an opening, period. Finally, here is a home for all co-ops everywhere, empowering all current and future residents to live with the community of their dreams, right now.


Traversing personal and collective issues

Bringing people together to live under the same roof has incredible potential, but it is inherently challenging. From practical to emotional issues, from people not contributing to neighbors complaining, co-op stewards need solid skills to navigate these waters. Here, we provide tools that will make everyone’s lives easier. In fact, we won’t rest until we ensure that every resident is living the dream, and having the time of their lives doing it.

Chicken coop

Well-crafted alliances

Just as individuals need learn to live well in community, co-ops in general thrive through choice partnerships. Co-ops are particularly well positioned for getting food, energy and a plethora of items from smart sources, and increasing support from citizen groups, organizations, the city and the population in general can make it vastly easier to successfully set up and run a successful co-op. When an alliance of co-ops joins an alliance for co-ops, anything is possible.

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